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Unleaded in Diesel in Kent

Adding unleaded in diesel cars is also a common mistake, like other wrong fuel problems. It is because unleaded nozzles can easily adjust to diesel filter necks. It can prove harmful to your vehicle and your safety for several reasons. So, Auto Fuel Doctor is here in Kent to prevent you from any kind of danger caused by Unleaded in diesel/ wrong fueling.

Have you put Unleaded in Diesel in Kent?

Have you accidentally misfuelled your car? Were you in a hurry? Did you only depend on the colors of the nozzle and later realized the fault? Well, we have you covered. More often than not, when people are rushing to get out of their homes and towards their jobs or schools, they put unleaded in diesel. Therefore, you are not alone in making that mistake. The good news is that this mistake of yours can be reversed by your local Auto Fuel Doctor, fuel drain service. Even if you drove the car without realizing that you put unleaded in diesel and came to a realization only after your car sputtered to a stop, there is still a 99% chance that we can help you and reverse its effects. There is a rare chance that the car is so damaged that there is no other way than to replace the engine and the fuel pump, but we will be the judges of that.

Causes of putting unleaded in diesel vehicle

Diesel causes the parts of the car to move without friction; therefore, enhancing its performance. Putting unleaded in diesel vehicles means the complete opposite of that. It will cause friction between the parts of your car, where there should be no friction. This causes immense heat, and the engine gradually comes to a stop. Unleaded can have very harmful effects on your car. The accelerator will stop working correctly; even if you press on it to the fullest, it won’t give you much speed. There will be black smoke emitting from the car due to the friction inside. The engine will come to a halt. Even if you try to start the car again, it will be challenging to do so; and even if you manage to start the car, it will only run for a brief period until coming to a halt once again. Therefore, this mistake can cost you a lot. In any case, your first thought should be to call your local Auto Fuel Doctor, drain services so we can assess the damage and fix it at economic costs to you.

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